Sacramento Area Illegal Dumping Mitigation

In recent years, the Sacramento Regional SWA has allocated additional funding towards increasing efficacy of illegal dumping response, which involves numerous City and County agencies.  Reporting illegal dumping should be done through City or County 3-1-1 below.  Additional resources are also available for specialized response.  

Reporting Illegal Dumping:

 ​City 3-1-1

Reporting Illegal Dumping

County 3-1-1

County ​Neighborhood Clean-up

Dump Fee Rebate (for non-profits only)

City Household Junk Pick-up​​County Bulky Waste Collection Service

Cash for Trash Rebate Program

(PBIDs only)

Additional programs include:

  • On-Call Cleanup Service (under development). Contracts are being finalized with County Probation and the Sacramento Conservation Corps to increase response to cleanup of sites
  • Street Can Collection Service was initiated in the downtown, midtown areas and expanded to a number of areas.

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