The Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority (SWA) is a joint powers authority of Sacramento County and the City of Sacramento.

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30% Multi-Family Recycling Standard

The Environmental Management Department (EMD) and the Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority (SWA) have developed a formula to help set up the proper level of recycling service for multi-family complexes in order to divert 30% recycling materials from the garbage.  The 30% recycling requirement is based on total garbage capacity.

Total garbage collection capacity = number of bins x size of bins

Formula:  (Total Garbage Collection Capacity x 30%) = Recycling Standard  


30 percent recycling standard 


For more information on implementing an effective recycling program that complies with the 30% recycling standard, please review the brochure or contact your waste hauler, recycler or EMD recycling staff.

EMD recycling staff can be reached at 916-875-8550 or email or

Certification Program for Construction & Demolition (C&D) Debris Sorting Facilities

The SWA Board adopted Ordinance No. 19 on Dec. 11, 2008. This ordinance created a certification program for solid waste facilities that sort through the debris from construction job-sites. It is a voluntary certification program that will work in conjunction with the ordinances in both the City of Sacramento and Sacramento County that require recycling on the part of builders. Certified facilities will be inspected regularly to confirm that their recycling programs for sorting wood, metal, cardboard and concrete are operating. High performance facilities that achieve 50 percent diversion or better obtain "Select Status" certification and a series of incentives.

The Application for Certification is available. For more information, contact SWA staff at 875-4557.