Multi-Family Requirements

Multi-family properties of 5 or more units must have containers and service of sufficient number, size, and frequency for all materials generated. Property owners and managers must maintain clean waste collection areas and divert recyclable materials from their waste stream.

Multi-family properties are periodically inspected for compliance, and must maintain records that include the following documentation:

  • Copies of collection service agreements or self-haul certification
  • Map or list of recycling collection points
  • Education or training materials for tenants
  • Approved Exemption Form, if applicable

In the downtown and midtown areas, commercial garbage and recycling containers are to be kept with lids closed and locked when not in use.

Mandatory Recycling

Multi-family properties of 5 or more units must have a recycling program in place, and are subject to the 30% recycling standard. Recyclable material may be collected by a SWA-franchised hauler or self-haul to a recycling center.

Multi-family properties must recycle cardboard, paper, glass food and beverage containers, metal (aluminum and steel) food and beverage containers, and rigid plastic food and beverage containers.

Do not place food scraps, plastic bags, textiles (clothing, rags, etc.,) non-recyclable materials such as polystyrene and foam packaging paint and lightbulbs or hazardous waste in the recycling container.

Mandatory Organics Recycling

Multi-family properties that subscribe to 4 or more cubic yards of waste per week must also recycle all plant debris and landscaping waste. Organic material may be collected by a SWA-franchised hauler.

Landscaping waste can be self-hauled or hauled by a contracted landscaper. If you prefer to self-haul or have a contracted landscaper haul your landscaping waste, you can fill out this self-haul form.


Exemptions for mandatory recycling and/or organics recycling are granted on a case-by-case basis if:

  • There is no collection service or other system available for recycling material (4.01.140-B)
  • All of the generators on the owner's property are exempt from or not required to comply with the provisions of Chapter 4 (4.01.140-C1)
  • Recyclable materials are not being generated by any activities occurring on the property (4.01.140-D1)
  • Not adequate storage space for dumpster or cart on site (4.01.140-D1)
  • Results in a violation of zoning code or minimum parking spaces requirements (4.01.140.-D2)

If you believe your business qualifies for an exemption, download the Exemption Form .

For additional information, contact us at

Please note that business are subject to inspection to determine if exemption is valid.

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