Multi-Family Requirements

Multi-family properties must have a recycling program that now includes organics recycling, such as food waste and landscaping waste. Recyclable material may be collected by a SWA-franchised hauler, or self-hauled to a recycling center.

Multi-family property owners and managers must maintain clean waste collection areas, and meet the 30% recycling standard. Recyclables include organic material (such as landscaping waste) and may be collected by a SWA-franchised hauleror self-hauled to a recycling center.

Multi-family properties are periodically inspected for compliance by the County's Environmental Management and Code Enforcement Departments , and should maintain records that include the following documentation:

  • Copies of collection service agreements or self-haul certification
  • Map or list of recycling collection points
  • Education or training materials for tenants

In the downtown and midtown areas, commercial garbage and recycling containers are to be kept with lids closed and locked when not in use. Requirements are fully spelled out in SWA Code.

For more information on implementing an effective recycling program that complies with the 30% recycling standard, review the brochure or contact your waste hauler, recycler, landscaper (for green waste) or our recycling staff.

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